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Range Rover Sport 2013 New Generation Start Diperkenalkan0

Range Rover Sport 2013 New Generation Start Diperkenalkan0
Aulia Puspa April 1, 2013 Automotive News, New Cars, Range Rover - New Car Range Rover Sport 2013. Has become the latest public demand, when the car design SUV genre should not only tough on off-road terrain. The hope further, so I can look more elegant and luxurious.

Subject is very aware of the automotive brand from England, Ranger Rover in ajangnew york auto show 2013 (29 March - 7 April). Invite actor james bond, daniel graig, Land Rover introduced the 2nd generation range Rover Sport to the public.

Range Rover Sport for easier and more agile. The latest Range Rover Sport range Rover contrived to base the final generation. No wonder when the 2nd exterior design of the car looks like.

Land Rover designers but did partially change. At the muzzle, this car has headlights that are brighter, smaller dimension grille and black, as well as a new design front bumper with a more inflated and form resembles the letter A.

At the rear, the car's appearance is not the same with the whole range Rover. Pilar d contrived to make it more aerodynamic and ramps up to its name that uses the word Sport. Taillights that have led there by using a smaller size than usual Rover range.

In terms of design, this latest Sport with aluminum chassis no. Unibody vehicles to gain weight more easily over 300 kg less than in the first generation. With a weight reduction of the car, the Land Rover range Rover Sport mention it has a dynamic ride, handling more nimble without reducing comfort during driving.

The moment for the interior, Land Rover design presents a luxurious cabin, sophisiticated, as well as sporty. Consoles are placed higher than the initially generation. Besides the control buttons placed closer to the driver's position to be easily accessible by the driver while driving.

Beneath the hood, Land Rover engineers immerse v6 engine equipped with a capacity of 3000 cc supercharged can produce power up to 340 hp. For peformanya, this car can reach a speed of 10

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