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New Features in Daihatsu Xenia Improvement0

New Features in Daihatsu Xenia Improvement0
Andy Zamani May 21, 2013, News Automotive, Daihatsu, MPV - New Features Improvement Daihatsu Xenia. PT Astra Daihatsu Motor launches their flagship product MPV Daihatsu Xenia currently experienced improvements in safety and comfort features. nah what are these features?

The first feature as a concern that the presence of dual SRS airbag in front of the driver and front passenger. The airbag may inflate if the vehicle comes to the crunch. The presence of these features to minimize the impact of the accident on the driver and front passenger. It also comes with airbag sensors on the meter cluster for airbag indicator ready to work or natural damage.

Other safety features are front row seatbelts with pretensioners and force limiters. This safety belt can adjust the level of firmness with automatic collision took place at a fraction of a second. It also features driver and passenger escape injury in the shoulder blade due to the safety belt is too tight.

Daihatsu Xenia car with Dual SRS Airbags have also experienced this crash test is done in Malaysia, precisely in ASIA NCAP safety testing agency. ASIA is the NCAP safety testing agency that tests product quality vehicles for the Asian market adoption of quality standards is notoriously strict EURO NCAP. In a safety test this claim Daihatsu Xenia already qualified in accordance with standards established by ASIA NCAP.

Convenience features introduced in the latest Xenia is a thicker seat and wide to provide driving comfort when sitting for long periods of time. Daihatsu claims this seat in 15 mm wider than the seat has its competitors.

Convenience is also coupled with the reduced noise in the vehicle cabin or often called noise vibration. Daihatsu add quality seal on the passenger cabin to cabin kept a comfortable distance from the noise outside the vehicle.

Another feature that cabin Air Filter installed on the air conditioning system in the latest Daihatsu Xenia. This feature filtering

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