Saturday, June 22, 2013

Latest Features Honda Jazz 2013 [City Active Brake System] 0

Latest Features Honda Jazz 2013 [City Active Brake System] 0
Aulia Puspa April 5, 2013 Automotive News, Honda - Features New Honda Jazz Facelift 2013. For honda car users, there are new and exciting news. Honda is currently developing the latest braking technology called city-brake system called the active support system to avoid a collision with the driver of the vehicle or object in front of the car. Given the number of car accidents every year continues to increase.

City-active brake system work provides audio and visual warnings to regulate brake performance according to the situation of safe driving. Step How does it work? Simple. When the vehicle drove less than 30 km / h, the system is able to ascertain the effect of collisions by using a laser radar which is placed at the top of the windscreen to reduce the level of damage to the car. But if the driver does not take any action, then this system can brake automatically.

It also has the benefit that the vehicle speed to avoid sudden unintended. Example, when the vehicle is stationary or middle drove less than 10 km / h and the driver suddenly stepped on the gas pedal too inside and another system detects objects at a distance of about 4 feet in front of the car, the system can send an audio and visual warning and control engine output to keep the vehicle speed. So that accidents can be avoided.

Not only the city-brake feature active system, Honda is also developing other technologies for example protection as side airbags and side curtain airbags. The idea is the new safety features will soon be pinned on all new cars honda jazz third generation which is likely to release in 2014.

However, although the new car in 2013 has been equipped with a series of safety features, it does not mean you can go around when driving a car that actually endanger your life and others. This feature is purely to reduce the level of carelessness when driving a car. For safety car selebihny

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