Saturday, June 22, 2013

New Features Airbag Xenia Wear, Price Up 2.5 Juta0

New Features Airbag Xenia Wear, Price Up 2.5 Juta0
Andy Zamani May 22, 2013, News Automotive, Daihatsu, MPV - Add Features, Xenia Up 2.5 million rupiah. At Ballroom Shangri-la Hotel Jakarta (15/5), PT Astra Daihatsu Motor MPV launched their flagship product is enhanced with additional safety features SRS airbags and additional comfort in the cabin.

Safety and convenience features is causing the latest Xenia car prices across the natural variants of the price increase of 2.5 million Euro. No price range for 137 million to 189 million Rupiah OTR Jakarta.

This increase can not be avoided but this increase remained within normal limits given the R & D system that worked much greater cost and value of the security and the comfort gained. The presence of a wide range of safety and comfort features in this latest Xenia also make customers more secure, comfortable and proud wearing Daihatsu products. Suparno said Djasmin, CEO of PT Astra International Tbk - Daihatsu Sales Operation.

Latest cars Xenia with Dual SRS Airbags have also been experiencing a crash test done in Malaysia, specifically in Asia NCAP safety testing agency. Asia is the NCAP safety testing agency that tests product quality vehicles for the Asian markets that adopt quality standards stringent Euro NCAP famous. In a safety test this claim Daihatsu Xenia already qualified in accordance with standards established by Asia NCAP.

The presence of an enhanced variant of this is the desire of the family vehicle market that safety is assured and comfortable but also meet the requirements of fuel efficient vehicles.

Not only features the latest SRS Airbag Xenia also adds to the quality of giving comfort headrest design that is wider, thicker seat, and comfortable, and the cabin noise is increasingly at a minimum it.

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