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Approximate Price All New KIA Carens Terbaru0

Approximate Price All New KIA Carens Terbaru0
Andy Zamani May 28, 2013 Automotive News, KIA, MPV - Price Newest All New KIA Carens. After a long time no news, PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia finally introduce its new line-up featured the All New Kia Carens on Wednesday, May 29, 2013 tomorrow.

Ridjal Mulyadi, Marketing Communications Manager of PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia, said that the car that was introduced is undergoing some changes. "There are some changes such as machinery and designs. Yeah something like KIA Sportage but different class, "he said.

For dimensions, Ridjal ensure that the wider size compared to its predecessor. "Dimensions will appeal more broadly in the previous generation," he said.

And roughly how much the All New KIA Carens car is this?
Kia Carens has a very low price in figure 16. 895 GBP which when converted to rupiah at Rp. 251. 487. 143, -, prices are lower prices for most types of KIA Carens 1.600cc engine 6 speed manual. Quite expensive when compared with Toyota Kijang Innova G as a kind of lowest kind KIA Carens.

When compared with the KIA Sportage lowest kind in the UK, KIA Carens does not have enough difference only about 500 GBP. KIA Sportage with a standard manual transmission is priced at 17. 305 GBP or equal to Rp. 257. 590. 116, -, differ only about 6 million dollars compared with other versions KIA Sportage.

Of the price comparison price assumption we can take a fairly accurate estimate by taking the price comparison manual KIA Sportage Indonesia and United Kingdom. In Indonesia KIA Sportage Manual is priced at Rp. 270 million rupiah. Until we can be sure if the specs KIA Carens 2013 in Indonesia similar to those launched in the UK, the standard price for the manual version is in the range of 260 million Euro.

But it seems impossible when Kia launched the Kia Carens without doing downgrade features for the price squeeze. KIA Carens KIA could replace engine 1600 turbo GDI engine powered 133 hp with others who have smaller capacities like New Honda Freed 2013 to suppress the price. If Kia can do saving and reduction features. Price KIA Carens 2013 Indonesia can have a pretty good range of prices below the Toyota Innova G 2013.

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