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Isuzu Panther Car Latest Price 2013 In Indonesia0

Isuzu Panther Car Latest Price 2013 In Indonesia0
Dawn Lutfi May 24, 2013 Price Cars, Isuzu, SUV - Car Prices in 2013 Isuzu Panther Indonesia. Of course you are one of those people who are looking for a reliable family car with a passenger capacity is large enough but still feel comfortable. For tersbut thing, maybe Isuzu panther is a very precise answer to your needs.


When viewed from the exterior, new car 2013 Isuzu panther comes with a body that looks sturdy and attractive. This is clearly seen in the design of modern lights, grille, and fog lamps front section. In addition, the distance from the ground high enough to make this car easily conquer a variety of terrain, then, to pass through off-road terrain is difficult.


Isuzu made ​​cars cabin has a large enough capacity to accommodate 7 passengers at a time. The seats are wrapped in vinyl to make the driver and passengers a more comfortable while being inside the cabin of the car. In addition, passengers will be pampered with facilities as well as power window unit CD/MP3 player.


To spur the kitchen, equip Isuzu Isuzu Panther with 2,400 cc engine 4JA1-L. Paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, this engine is capable of producing power of 80 ps at 3500 rpm and a torque of 19.5 kgm at 1,800 rpm.

Isuzu Panther Car Prices 2013

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