Saturday, June 22, 2013

Latest Price Car Ford Focus Sedan 2013 AT Indonesia0

Latest Price Car Ford Focus Sedan 2013 AT Indonesia0
Dawn Lutfi May 20, 2013, Ford, Price Car, Sedan - Car Prices New 2013 Ford Focus Sedan. For some reason some people might prefer driving a sedan than the hatchback, you will certainly think the sedan dimensions that are longer than the hatchback. Dimensions sedan will be a little longer hamper your time, for example when you are going to park. For the American automaker, Ford, tried to offer a solution to this problem by presenting the All-New Focus Sedan. You do not be surprised, this car could even park themselves with automatic


Driving a new car All-New Ford Focus Sedan, you will look stylish thanks to the car's exterior design is aerodynamic, modern, and attractive. This can be seen from the main lamp design that looks a bit like a peanut shape and equipped with LED lights during the day. In addition, made by Ford sedan also has a sporty characteristic reflected in the front fog lights and a large trapezoidal air ducts in the front bumper. If you want a more luxurious feel, this sedan has been accommodated with turn indicators on side mirrors, rear combination lights, and brake spoiler on the trunk lid.


All-New Ford Focus Sedan offers a roomy interior for 4 or 5 passengers. In addition, the interior is also more comfortable thanks to the ergonomic chair. For the driver, driving comfort is also perceived from the instrument panel clearly displays information about the car steering, leather steering wheel is equipped with a 4 bolt setting buttons, side mirrors that can be opened and closed electrically, as well as advanced features such as the innovative Active City Stop, Active Park Assist, Blind Spot Information System, as well as the Ford Sync dilen

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