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New Car Price New Mazda RX-8 2013 In Indonesia0

New Car Price New Mazda RX-8 2013 In Indonesia0
Dawn Lutfi May 31, 2013 Price Cars, Mazda, Sedan - Car Prices New Mazda RX-8 2013. New Mazda RX-8 is the right choice for the character they escape being a sport sedan, but still have the comfort while driving. What's more, New Mazda RX-8 is the fullest realization of the concept of "zoom zoom" that serve as guidelines for Mazda to produce its cars today.


From the exterior, New Mazda RX-8 looks not much different from its predecessor. New sports sedan from Mazda is still present with 4 doors that open opposite direction until it feels very roomy and comfortable to get into the cabin. Multireflektor headlamp design, fog lamps, and rear combination lamps are also further strengthen the position of New Mazda RX-8 as the sport sedan class.


Latest car cabin 2013 New Mazda RX-8 is very convenient for 4 passengers. In addition, the interior feels very luxurious thanks to the dominance of leather wrapping. Trunk capacity also feels quite wide, can be filled with 2 golf bags at once. What's more, the trunk also extends to the right seat and left rear. Audio system with features Action Illumination also makes driving with New Mazda RX-8 feels more comfortable.


New Mazda RX-8 equipped with two 654 cc engine RENESIS Rotary models with twin rotor technology is water cooled. This machine is capable of producing 215 kW at 7500 rpm and torque of 211 nm at 5500 rpm. Mazda's sports sedan 6-speed automatic transmission count and steering system rack and pini

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