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New BMW cars, BMW 2-Series The Closer Kenyataan0

New BMW cars, BMW 2-Series The Closer Kenyataan0
Andy Zamani May 25, 2013 Automotive News, BMW, Concept Cars - Latest BMW 2-Series M235i. It has been more than one year BMW introduced the five-door hatchback models and three doors. Not only that even the M Performance versions that have been labeled M135i coded F20 ready to go.

Then, not long ago the latest generation design concept 1 Series Coupe and Convertible models are shown. Where this latest concept still take basic platform BMW 1 Series Hatchback and now a lot of rumors circulating to the emergence of the BMW 2-Series. With increasingly frequent rumors latest car seems closer to reality of his presence, because recently a BMW 2-Series camera caught her picture and spread in cyberspace.

As seen in the photo autoblog, BMW 2-Series has a different roof line with the BMW 1-Series (M135i) currently available, but the front and rear has been enhanced. Possibility BMW 2-Series is a refinement of the BMW 1-Series and 1-Series will replace the Coupe and Cabriolet models. This is part of BMW's plan to provide greater differentiation between Saloons, Estate, Hatchback, Coupe and Cabriolet.

Of outstanding, Picture This latest spy shots reveal that the Coupe has maintained a two-door sedan styling of the 1-Series Coupe, but with a more rakish profile. This car is probably the M version of the BMW 2-Series, which is coded M235i which has a large wheel sizes, slimmer headlights, and large vents on both sides of the front bumper.

There is no certainty regarding the official engine specifications that will be used for the BMW 2-Series. But according to the news, the main design remains visible light using an older version, but has a new concept that is more sporty grille. Not only that, reportedly wheel drive system will also rely FWD. Planned BMW 2-Series will begin its official debut in the coming months.

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