Saturday, June 22, 2013

Honda Brio Latest Design MPV 7 Seater1

Honda Brio Latest Design MPV 7 Seater1
Andy Zamani May 27, 2013 Automotive News, Honda, Concept Cars - Display Newest 7 Seater Honda Brio. News of a Honda Brio MPV Honda trump card to increase the number of vehicle sales in Indonesia are inviting a lot of automotive digital designers to bring the work of rendering speculation form 7 Seater Honda Brio this. Understandably, because Honda Brio is quite intriguing to predict what the future if made so 7 Seater.

Currently we provide some images predictions made by the world famous digital modifier, including the famous Chin Theopilus with results very neat design. Just look at the difference in the results of other rendering when compared with rendering Theo.

Design problem, we design according to the most gorgeous Brio MPV in the design sketch Motorbeam who continue this line of Honda Brio hatchback designs to the rear. But there is one design that is quite intriguing and funny rendering result of 'Geijutsutekinotenshi' on DeviantArt that make Honda Brio MPV in length like a Station Wagon. Kinda weird anyway, but did not rule out any future Honda Brio can have quite long design with sloping roof. Honda likes to make it known that eccentric but cool design!

According to sources, 7 Seater Car Honda Brio will have a higher ground clearance as well as the same engine as the model used today. Especially about 1.400cc 4 cylinder engine seems no doubt of his power and keiritan. If the right to use the same engine, the Honda Brio to be low MPV MPV-entry the most powerful in its class with 100 hp power.

Well from the design, where do you think that is okay? if according to the experts seem to be doing with Honda Honda Brio runs until the remaining engine and chassis just like they have done on the basis of the Honda Freed Honda Jazz who extended and elevated, which ak

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