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Newest Price Cars Nissan Elgrand 2013 In Indonesia0

Newest Price Cars Nissan Elgrand 2013 In Indonesia0
Dawn Lutfi May 24, 2013, Price Car, MPV, Nissan - Newest Price Cars Nissan Elgrand 2013. Comes with a wide range of advanced facilities, the New Nissan Elgrand is a luxury MPV that is very worth to be taken into account in the competitive automotive market homeland. Imported directly from its home country, Japan, New Nissan Elgrand is a production of the third generation that carries the code E52 on the body. With the shape and dimensions are fairly large, MPV from Nissan is an excellent fit with the consumer in this country who have a high taste for big cars.


Dimensions of the car is quite large, which has a length of 4,915 mm, width 1,850 mm, height 1,815 mm and thus very convenient for 7 passengers inside. Wheelbase, front and rear New Nissan Elgrand latest car reaches 3,000 mm. Although the dimensions of the body, offered Nissan MPV comes with a charming design. It can be seen from the exterior design of the front and separate headlights, besides look luxurious look good too. Not to mention that the exterior design of the back to back has narrowed. New Nissan Elgrand also comes with a double paneled sunroof which further confirms how luxurious this car. Design of the rear lights along the transverse stern sweeten the Nissan MPV. Unfortunately, a pair of lights on the left and right aft feels a bit disturbing. Automatic electric sliding doors that can be activated with just one more pressure to make access in and out is very practical MPV, despite the tightest.


New Nissan Elgrand complete with a spacious cabin. In addition, seats wrapped in high quality leather to ensure that the driver and passengers inside the cabin feel comfortable when driving by car New Nissan Elgrand. Meanwhile, there is also an entertainment system that can play CDs / DVDs. To complete the atmosphere, the entertainment system is also combined with 5.1surround complete sound system with 12 speakers. Certainly, Bluetooth wireless technology is the standard.


Nissan New Elgran

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