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Featured Features Facelift Nissan Grand Livina 20130

Featured Features Facelift Nissan Grand Livina 20130
Andy Zamani May 31, 2013 Automotive News, MPV, Nissan - Features Nissan Grand Livina Facelift 2013. 2013 Facelift Nissan Grand Livina is not only got sentuan modifications on the outside, but the technological features and comfort are also added in this latest Nissan family car. Curious what are the superior features of the All-New Nissan Grand Livina 2013?

1. Dual Injector
Engine with injection technology has probably we usually hear, but a machine with Dual Injector certainly still foreign to our ears. New Nissan Grand Livina use the same engine as the Nissan Juke complete with Dual Injector technology which makes the machine more powerful and fuel efficient than the engines with Single Injection technology.

2. Twin VTC
Know with Dual VVT-I technology is used by the Toyota Corolla Altis type V and Toyota's latest Camry? Twin VTC technology is approximately the same as the Toyota Dual VVT-I. Nissan technology called the variable valve opening and closing with the name of VTC (Variable Timing Control) which includes Intake and Exhaust (air intake and exhaust). With this technology the New Nissan Grand Livina in claims better fuel economy 15% compared to the previous version that has not been getting Facelift.

3. CVT Automatic Transmission
This year seems to be the era engine with CVT transmission. After the Nissan X-Trail, Nissan March Facelift then New Nissan Grand Livina also get a transmission belt CVT automatic with the latest technology that is more powerful and durable. Automatic CVT technology provides automatic gearshift is almost no lag compared to conventional matic. Besides, most of the automotive manufacturers also mentioned that, CVT transmis better fuel economy due to the workload of the machine easier.

4. Dual Airbag
The whole range of New Nissan G

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