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New Car Prices New Nissan X-Trail 2013 In Indonesia0

New Car Prices New Nissan X-Trail 2013 In Indonesia0
Dawn Lutfi May 31, 2013 Price Cars, Nissan, SUV - Car Prices New Nissan X-Trail 2013. Arguably if the exterior Nissan for New X-Trail is similar to its predecessor. However, in certain sections have been amended (facelift) which makes the SUV from Nissan is getting interesting. Armed with the design of the headlights, front grille and a new bumper, New Nissan X-Trail looks more robust than its predecessor. Rear LED lights are also more modern impression implies this car is very appropriate to be used for some consumers who are dynamic. Nissan also pair 17-inch alloy wheels - 18-inch for 20GT variants to accompany you drive the New Nissan X-Trail.


As explained above, the latest Nissan car exterior New X-Trail is only undergoing a facelift at some of its components, such as headlamps, front grille, front bumper, and taillights. Though it's fairly minimal, but it is biased SUV from Nissan's latest looks more modern. Multireflektor headlights ensure the driver get a clear vision when driving. While the LED rear combination lamps luring the people behind the New Nissan X-Trail. Front grille design with the Nissan logo in the middle, and the contours of the body is stout firm also clarify the Nissan SUV. New Nissan X-Trail comes with a length of 4,630 mm, width 1,785 mm, and 1,685 mm high. Distance front axle rearward is quite ideal, which is as far as 2,630 mm. Nissan looks pretty careful when producing this car for ground water users with a ground clearance of 200 mm.


Cabin Nissan New X-Trail comes with a center console yet modern minimalist design. In addition, users of Nissan's SUV will be pampered with a bandage some high-quality materials inside the cabin. Inside the glove box, there is also cooler that can be used to keep food or drinks cool and stay cool. Not enough with that, Nissan also has provided 2 pieces in place beverages rear AC blower that sits between the driver and passenger seat. Air near the front passenger side, also provided temapat to store drinks that comes with the cooler. With the advantages as described earlier make this car a very ideal when used for sightseeing. New luggage capacity Nissan X-Trail is also quite extensive and can be added by folding 3rd row seats. If required, the 2nd row seats can also be folded. Driver and front passenger seat also features a sliding and reclining the bias adjusted to your taste, so it makes driving this car feels more comfortable.


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