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Latest Prices Chery Car Hatchback 2013 Cristal In Indonesia0

Latest Prices Chery Car Hatchback 2013 Cristal In Indonesia0
Dawn Lutfi May 27, 2013, Chery, Price Cars, Hatchback - Chery Car Price Latest Hatchback Cristal 2013. Choosing a hatchback car is one of the reasons that the right to address the congestion on city streets were always crowded with vehicles. However, if funds are budgeted considered insufficient, it seems hatchback is offered Chery feasible for you to consider. You do not have to reach into your pocket deep to get this hatchback Chery Cristal. Despite the affordable price, but the hatchback is still quality made in China.


5 door hatchback exterior design of this modern style. From the front side, the latest cars Chery Cristal Hatchback aggressive look thanks to the design of reflector headlamps with unique curved design. Additionally, front fog lights combined with the grille and air ducts are not too big to make this car look more classy. Meanwhile, on the back side, seemed a bit similar to the hatchback made by Hyundai, the Grand Avega. Rear combination lamps are paired with a rear roof spoiler and brake light further confirms the impression of luxury in this Chinese-made hatchback.


Tracing the cabin, the car Chery Cristal hatchback can carry 4 to 5 passengers at a time. However, one thing that probably should have pitied the rear cabin is not too roomy. Unfortunately, the design of the dashboard, center console and instrument panel looks a little conventional. However, the instrument panel is equipped with trip computer able to provide information that is clear enough for the driver.


To sustain this performance hatchback 5 door, complete with the Chery .1500 cc petrol engine. Paired transmission type manual transmission only.

Latest price Chery Cristal Hatchback 2013

Comfortable 1.5 (M)

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