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Latest Price Car Hyundai Grand Avega 2013 In Indonesia0

Latest Price Car Hyundai Grand Avega 2013 In Indonesia0
Dawn Lutfi May 21, 2013 Price Cars, Hatchback, Hyundai - Car Prices New 2013 Hyundai Grand Avega. With a fashionable and sporty design and an affordable price make Hyundai Grand Avega is the perfect choice for young people today. Moreover, Hyundai Grand Avega carries a wide range of advantages that are not necessarily available on other car hatchback car class.


With its compact dimensions, the hatchback from Hyundai is quite convenient to carry maneuver in urban road traffic congestion often occurs. In addition, the design multireflektor headlights, fog lamps, grille and front bumper and rear combination lamps that give the feel of the vertically elongated sports car that is very strong on this.


Latest car interior 2013 Hyundai Grand Avega quite comfortable to live 4 to 5 passengers. Chair has been designed seergonomis possible and wrapped with high-quality materials for added convenience driving the hatchback is made by Hyundai. It also provided an easy to read instrument panel and center console that comes with a modern design and easy to operate, thus making the Hyundai Grand Avega more comfortable ride.


Hyundai Grand Avega car equipped with a 1,396 cc Gamma engine. This engine can generate power of 108 ps at 6300 rpm and 13.9 kgm at 5000 rpm. This hatchback petrol fuel with a fuel system multi point injection. This car also uses 4wd wheel drive system with a 5-speed manual transmission or a front-wheel drive system (fwd) with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

Latest price of Hyundai Avega 2013

Grand Avega 1.4 A / T

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